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Nick Murphy
I will be completing my degree in Graphic Design this coming May, 2014, with an emphasis on UI/UX, application and website design. I also have experience in print, packaging and motion graphics. I am currenly available for freelance and part time work. Starting in May I will be persuing a full time job. If you are interested, please contact me below.
Service Noodle
LeCole Culinaire

I worked for on a freelance basis designing marketing materials, business cards, and infographics. The materials were used to sell their prouducts to clients throughout the Missouri region. I also designed business powerpoints to inform other employees of the new services being offered.

Service Noodle

Service Noodle is's sister company. I designed flyers and materials for their sales team. I also designed the look and feel for their new Review Us service for restourants and bars to get feedback from their customers.

Vatterott Corporate

I interned for Vatterott College and worked in their St. Louis corproate office. As a part of their small inhouse, I worked with other designers in a team to develop promo materials for their events and perform copy edits on their corporate booklets.


The Design Center is the University of Missouri's inhouse design team for all of the universities organizations. I worked as a print designer fulfilling clients requests from a project database. This requred me to contact clients and see that projects were finished to their specifications. The type of work I did varied from posters and flyers to organization logos. I also more recently started developing an iOS and Android app for the Animal Science Department. The app will be available on the market to diagnose farm birds.


truTrainer approached me looking to update the look of their current iPhone app to match the new iOS 7 styling. Their current application had an exhuasting UX and an outdated looking UI. I then remapped thier UX from the application download to the user exercising with the app. The project above was my proposed change.

LeCole Culinaire

For LeCole Culiaire I designed advertisements and business cards for their services. The advertisements were displayed on digital highway boards and their website.

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